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The Grocery Listing App

Now, there is no need to mess up your grocery listing. Be smart, pick the best and work like a pro. Sublime Groceria is the ultimate grocery shopping list app. The perfect Grocery Listing app for managed shopping and meal planning. This grocery shopping app simplifies your grocery shopping experience. Sublime Groceria allows you to import ingredients directly from any recipe into your grocery list, its easy list management ensures you never miss an item. Make sure to have Sublime Groceria for organized and efficient grocery trips.


Easy Recipe Ingredient Import


Meal Planning

Manage recipes and plan meals effortlessly.


Serving Size

Adjust quantities according to your servings.



Choose which ingredients to include or exclude.


Recipe integration

Add essential ingredients from recipes to your Grocery List.


Your Smart Grocery List Solution

Easy List Building

Effortlessly create a grocery list and manage it with ease.

Items Customization

Customize your grocery items for personalized experience.

Nutritional Facts Tracking

Start a grocery list and track nutritional information.

Recipe Integration

Geo Reminder

Set location-based reminders when making a grocery list.

Predefined Lists

Use pre-defined common grocery lists for easy shopping.

Collaborative Lists

Share and edit your grocery lists with family and friends.

Cross-Platform Sync

Access and update your shopping lists on any device.


Grocery Management Simplified


Bulk Item Addition

Add multiple items to their grocery list simultaneously, saving time and effort.


List Sharing

Share your common grocery lists with more than one person and collaborate seamlessly.



Set reminders for different occasions and special days to prepare special meals with our grocery listing app.


Why it is Your Grocery Companion?

Sublime Groceria is your ultimate grocery companion. Easily create and start a grocery list with our free app, and seamlessly integrate meal planning. Discover the convenience and efficiency of our comprehensive Grocery Listing App.


We got you Covered

Have questions? We’ve got you covered! Explore our FAQs to learn more about Sublime Groceria. Discover how to create and start a grocery list, the benefits of our free grocery list app, and how our meal planning app integrates with your grocery list.

Yes, Sublime Groceria is a cross-platform app available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Absolutely! Sublime Groceria offers a web interface that allows you to manage your grocery lists from any computer or laptop. Simply log in to your account, and your grocery list app will be synced across all devices.

Yes, you can easily customize the predefined items in the app to match your preferences. Adjust quantities, weights, sizes, or even add new items to create grocery lists.

Yes, you can share your grocery lists with others seamlessly. Sublime Groceria allows you to collaborate with family members or housemates, making it easier to coordinate shopping and household needs.

Grocery Essentials can vary, but common items include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, grains, and pantry staples. Use our predefined lists to ensure you don’t miss any essentials.

Sublime Groceria offers features like grocery list sharing, customized items, and set Geo reminders for frequently bought items. Sync your list across devices to easily update and check it on the go.

Sublime Groceria’s nutritional facts feature helps you to calculate the nutrients in your meals, including calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This assists you in planning a balanced diet by providing insight into the nutritional content of your grocery items.